❌ STOP doing these 4 mistakes on Upwork to win more clients ?

Hey Sandeep, Why am I not getting clients from Upwork?
I am already writing proposals with my template, bidding with low rates compared with others, and writing all details of my experience.
This is a common question I get from many freelancers, training participants, and agencies.

Is this the same question for you also? If yes then you should see this well-detailed blog to deal with this problem.

Whenever I hear this question from them, the first thing I reply to them is to STOP doing these things right away. Here are the reasons why you should stop making these mistakes again and again. Also find what you should do instead to win more clients on Upwork quickly. 

❌ STOP writing your proposal in the wrong order
❌ STOP writing copy-paste proposals
❌ STOP using the word “I”
❌ STOP bidding too cheap

1. STOP writing your proposal in the wrong order 🙃

“30% Upwork job need to answer the screening answers to submit a proposal.”
Many Upwork jobs need to answer the screening question to submit a proposal. It could be single to multiple questions as per the client’s choice. You must have answered those questions while writing proposals.
Now the main question comes, do you write these answers before writing your proposal or after writing the proposal?
Obviously cover letter first, right? It comes first while writing the proposal so we are writing it first and then we write the screening questions.
Now, what if I say you are writing it in the wrong order and you should write answers first and then the cover letter. I am suggesting to you because of the reason below.
First, think of the client’s perspective. While the client receives your proposal, they see it in a completely different order. They can see your answers first and then the cover letter.
So as you wrote your cover letter first with all your energy and answers last with the remaining energy and information. In this way, a client will reject your proposal right away because of the lack of needed information in the answers and would not ever read the cover letter.
Instead, while writing a cover letter with answers, write it upside down. First, write answers with the needed information and energy and then write the cover letter to increase your chances to get selected for the job.

2. STOP writing copy-paste proposals 📋

I consider this as the biggest NO. The good client can smell your copy-paste proposal at the first sight. I have seen many freelancers are using templates or copy-paste proposals to save time. They just send these garbage proposals to more jobs in the hope of saving time and winning more clients.
But the truth is different. Copy-paste cover letter conveys a message to the client that you are not interested in the job, did not read the job details, giving the same medicine for all kinds of problems.
Instead, I suggest spending some time reading the job description, writing some customized cover letter with the details on how you can add value to their project and business.

3. STOP using the word “I” 

Imagine you are at the shop to buy a new T-shirt, you asked the shopkeeper to show some t-shirts, and in the reply, shop keeper tells you that he has a great sense of colors, fabric, and style. He tells you that he has hundreds of t-shirts at home.
What would you do in this situation? You will walk away, right? This is the same thing that happens when you write a couple of paragraphs in the cover letter about yourself and not about the project and client.
Instead of writing who you are, what your expertise is and why you like the project, write the details on how you can help your client in the project to bring more value to their business.
PRACTICE: Next time you write a proposal, use control + F command and search for the “I” word you used in the proposal (“I” used to describe yourself). Then find the word “You” in the proposal. Try to use the word “You” more times than “I”.

4. STOP bidding too cheap 💸

Many times I have seen freelancers bid cheap prices to win clients, let’s say you are a freelancer asking to work on the job with very cheap hourly rates. Even a client’s profile clearly shows the record of high hourly rates paid.
Now looking at this from the client’s perspective then this seems like a big signal of a problem. As they know that cheap work is one of the most expensive things they can buy.
Most of the freelancers think that cheap rates will attract the client to hire them, but a reverse psychological game happens here. The client sees your cheap hourly rates and thinks that they will get cheap quality work as you yourself not valuing it in terms of the price.
Instead of going for so many cheap clients, find few clients who can understand the value of your work and skills. Never bid too cheap that ultimately lowers your values in the client’s mind.
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These are some common and biggest STOPs I observed with many freelancers. Try these ultimate hacks to win more clients instantly.
Do you have anything to ask or add? Hit me in the comment. 

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