Who to add in your LinkedIn network

Linkedin is the world’s largest professional network with 706+ million users worldwide. You can’t connect all of them, so it becomes important to you to decide whom to add in your Linkedin network and whom to not.

Here are my suggestions that you can use to get the ultimate success in your Linkedin connections.

  1. Targeted Audience

Define your targeted audience. As per your goals, your targeted audience can be varied.

If you are planning to build a personal brand then your targeted audience can be the peoples with your similar designation & interests, peoples who are holding senior or junior designation comparing to your designation, peoples who will engage the most to your post.

If you are looking for a job change then your targeting audience will be HRs, again peoples with your similar designation, senior or junior designation in your dream company.

If you want to generate the leads, then It will be your target set of customers.

Keeping your targeted audience as your connection for the first 5000 connections is strongly recommended to get good results.

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  1. Active People

While you are adding new connections, you need to make sure that the maximum people you are adding is active on LinkedIn (Not the inactive one).

Linkedin has an algorithm, so when you are posting any content to grab the attention of your connections, it will first show that post to a small group of audiences.

Imagine you have 3000 connections and you are posting a piece of content, rather than showing it to all 3000 connection, it will be seen to the small group of the audience first (Let’s say 300 for example). Now if you have inactive peoples in your connection then your post will not get the desired engagement. So Linkedin will consider it as a piece of not important information due to the less engagement and eventually your post will die in a few hours.

  1. Other’s People’s Engagement

This is the ultimate hack for you. You can consider it as a lottery. Want to know who are other people’s engagement?

Let’s consider you want to get a job, and you have another person in your network with similar goals Or you have an HR in your connection who is getting very good engagement in every post.

They can be lottery tickets for you. Whenever they are posting they are getting good engagement and the good news is peoples who are engaging with their posts are surprisingly your targeted audience and active people both.

You don’t need to spend your time searching them and deciding if they are active or not. You just need to add them and pitch them your goals.

These are the set of people that you should add to your Linkedin network. I have classified them into these groups with long research.

If you want to know how to define your targeted audience and active people, what kind of connection messages get the more people added, and how to take follow-ups to get ultimate results.

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