5 Mistakes that Sales & Business Development IT Professionals Should Avoid

1-     Not asking questions

  • While initializing communication with leads, ask questions to identify whether this is your qualified prospect or not. Sometimes we waste our time and energy and at the end of the game, we came to know that it’s not our qualified prospect.
  • There are many reasons like low budget or prospect is looking for freelancers, not a company, or wants an MVP, not a full product.
  • It’s always better to ask a few questions before offering services or proposals. Ask questions that clarify the client’s goals, business, and expectations from you.

Here are some examples.

  1. What is your purpose for this job / Project?
  2. What do you want to achieve and how you think you can achieve this?

By Asking such open-ended questions you can figure out if it’s a qualified prospect or not and it will save your time and energy.

2-     Not Knowing your prospect

–         “Information is king and Google is God for finding useful information“

  • Research your client’s backgrounds so you will get more information and statistics about your prospect before you jump into video call or voice call.
  • The key information of your prospect will help you to take your conversation at the next level. Mostly Sales and BD Executives get requirements from clients and they forward it to the B.A. team but they don’t research the client’s backgrounds.
  • You should know from which country your client belongs to and what title/designation he owns there, so you can judge the purchasing power of your client. So when a proposal has to add costing you can adjust your hourly rates properly and so your proposal will have a great winning chance.

3- Not giving introduction with PPT/Portfolio link 

  • As a BD professional you have to sell software services and you need to represent a company, but I have noticed many Sales and BD people are lacking in introduction skills.
  • Your Intro should make an impact as well as your PPT & portfolio links. If BD Executives are not ready with the proper intro, then it will end the conversation.
  • Business Development executives think my client will be impressed by reviewing my portfolio links and company brochure but if it was true then none of the new clients will come to any new company/person who does not have company brochure and portfolio links ready.
  • It’s all about how you introduce yourself and company over the voice/video call and your portfolio links and brochure are just supporting elements.

4- Not Dealing with Decision-makers

  • It’s better to know your prospect while sharing estimation or proposal because ultimately you are investing your time on it and what if your prospect said at the end that “I will let you know after a few days or after discussion with my partner/CEO.”
  • Sometimes we share proposals and estimation with the intermediate person but there is no guarantee that the intermediate person will be able to communicate/transfer your whole information to the decision-maker so because of this communication gap you could lose such leads.
  • When you are not dealing with the decision-maker, you have to wait until the decision-maker provides his feedback on your proposal so it’s better to find and connect with the decision-maker and add the decision-maker in a loop around your conversation so lead closing conversation should be high.

5- Not helping & educating prospect first

  • While in the first interaction with prospects we are so excited to share our details that we forgot to ask that actually, our prospect is looking for our services or not!!
  • We blast all details into the minds of the prospects without knowing his purpose of contacting us.
  • Instead, your approach should be helping him with what he is looking for and how better you can improve his product by providing better solutions. You need to speak only what is necessary, not compulsory for all services of your company.
  • I hope by reading this you get valuable knowledge and avoiding such mistakes you can do more sales. Please share your feedback by comments and key takeaways from this article that you are going to apply to your prospects.
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