LinkedIn VS Fiverr VS Upwork. It’s all set in the ? RING of GIG FIGHT.

According to a report by The Information, LinkedIn is now stepping into the gig market by launching a freelancing marketplace platform. LinkedIn is expected to rise as the new rival of well-established platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer.

While Freelancer is known to have 50 million users as of 2021, LinkedIn holds a whopping number of 760 million users; it is interesting to see how LinkedIn stands up to its rivals.

Moreover, it is obvious for the freelancers from different niches to get their hopes up as they will get a reliable alternative to promote their work.

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What “LinkedIn Marketplaces” Brings You?

  • LinkedIn is all set to launch “Marketplaces” in September 2021
  • This platform will be dedicated to services like Consulting, Writing, Marketing
  • Users will opt for Short-term Gigs & Contract based Work

The reported launch of the “Marketplace” has sparked curiosity in many. Everyone is eager to dig up the benefits that they will be able to squeeze out of this platform.

During the pandemic, when most companies had to cut loose their best employees, many were left unemployed. According to LinkedIn, their revenue in 2020 surged to 8.8 Billion, making 20% more profit than 2019. 

  • NOTE: Do I need to include that it will also bring plenty of revenue and clients?

Why is it important for you to know this?

You must absorb the capabilities of LinkedIn that Marketplace is likely to inherit. It can wipe out unemployment by filling the bridge between employers and talents.

Another must-mention thing is that Marketplace will be inculcating high-quality standards, by adding “Skill Assessment” for the freelancer entry. The reliability and integrity of the platform are expected to be at par.

Here is a brief insight into what Marketplace may have on the plate for you:

1. For Buyers:

● Choose the freelancers for their service.

● Set the pay

● Connect with freelancers

2. For Freelancers:

● Choose the niche

● Select the work and payment

● Diverse prospects

3. Payment Gateway :

● Embedded digital payment system

● Oozes security

● Wallet feature

● Tracking the past payments


LinkedIn already has a platform called “LinkedIn ProFinder”, where freelancers and experts can find short-term projects as per their skillsets. Once you applied to this platform, the Profinder team will review your skills and match your profile with the recruiter’s profile or connections.

What else can you do for “Lead”?

  • Try LinkedIn ProFinder to Get Connect with Relevant Recruiter
  • Activate ‘Showcase Services Features’ on Your LinkedIn Profile
  • Use #OpenToWork Profile Pic Frame By Sharing Job Preference
  • Share Relevant Content To Optimize Your Profile For Searcher

How Freelancing Platforms have Shaped Professions?

Freelancers have existed for a time and thanks to the recent exposure of the internet and social platforms that freelancing is itself a smashing career. Now there are dedicated platforms for the buyers to connect directly with the freelancers and make a deal.

You can log in to a platform like Fiverr or Upwork and start selling your skills to the appropriate buyers. The clients can easily pick out the right talent in their budget.

Some freelancers may still resort to cold emails, but the freelancing platforms are more likely to show definitive results. As you have the customers and freelancers in one place you are saved from a lot of hassle.

Why is “Marketplaces”, the “Beginning of a New Era”?

  • LinkedIn has active 30 million companies Till 2020
  • Work From Home Culture After Pandemic
  • “Hire Remote Employee” Trend For Flexibility

Platforms like Upwork and Fiverr have already sparked the fire of freelancing with the ease of finding freelancers and customers. These platforms boast of around 1.5Bn USD worth of transactions in the year 2020 which is indeed a sign of their reliability.

However, Linkedin has active 30 million companies with 20 million job openings until the beginning of 2021. Thus, LinkedIn is expected to take this number game higher with the new “Marketplace”. (More shots to play, means more score to have)

As LinkedIn is already in the game of helping people find jobs and the business to get a hold of talents, it will not be surprising if the Marketplace gets a head start.

Another added perk for the company can be the “work-from-home” era. People are inclined to working from their home which makes the “Marketplaces” a better option than regular jobs. Letting the businesses hire professionals to crush the barriers of geographical restrictions makes it a win-win situation.

An intriguing innovation of Microsoft’s LinkedIn is an embedded digital wallet. This wallet will support multiple payment options including a feature to track the payments. Unlike other freelancing platforms, LinkedIn’s unique idea may help it gain more attention by making the payments hassle-free.


LinkedIn has gained millions of people from around the globe. The professional social-media-like platform has backed startups and job-seekers alike. You can tap into LinkedIn for any reliable service or for networking with the like-minds. LinkedIn is the best marketplace for freelancers and provide them platform to rock the market utilizing their skills in best possible way.

Holding such a good reputation, the reportedly new freelancing platform by the company is much awaited. It is surely expected to bring more opportunities for creators as well as ease of finding the right people for the customers.

Besides, those who are successfully working with Fiverr or Upwork-like platforms, or those who seek to step into the fascinating world of freelancing will get a good alternative.

If the flame for freelancing has spiked in you, then get in touch with me to know how to start your freelancing career. Know more about Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, and the upcoming Marketplace to get started now!


Is Upwork better than Fiverr?

Upwork has a different category to promote skill-oriented work with quality work for professionals.

How do I find projects on LinkedIn?

You can find your dream freelancing project on LinkedIn using top hacks such as build a strong profile, set searchable skills, cold mails, ask for referrals, use LinkedIn Profinder,  & activate showcase service features. Contact me now for LinkedIn hacks.

What are the best LinkedIn tools in 2021?

The top LinkedIn tools to generate leads are LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Publer,, LeadFeeder, Salesloft, Linkedin Elevate, and eLinkPro.


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