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IT Sales Consulting


Every company has different strengths and weaknesses so I will help to grow your business with your niche expertise & strength from our sales and marketing consulting firm. "Get complete coaching for your sales team members".

Corporate Training

From defining a sales process to improving a conversation rate, analyzing market size to acquire a new market, get that with expert strategy consultant in digital sales and marketing. I will provide a complete BD & Sales code to your team.

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One on One Coaching


IT professionals have superb technical skills but they need to brush-up sales skills to win more clients. As a sales & business development consultant & coach, I will help with how to create lead generation & marketing funnel.

One on One Coaching

Master to design lead generation & marketing funnel in an effective way that every single lead gets your great engagement.

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Online IT Sales Course


Grab the complete sales solution that I designed uniquely for IT professionals, freelancer and IT startup owners.

BD and Sales Course

Learn to explore more lead generation channels, create your own sales process by managing all sales team members & tools, design eye-catching documents to win clients.

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— About Me

I help IT professionals to become their best versions.

I am solving problems of IT Agency Owners, IT Startups & IT Professionals by enhancing their sales and business development skills

I believe in India we have IT professionals with great technical skills but we lack notable improvements in our sales, marketing, and business development skills to compete with other countries. So I am giving direction to Startups, Entrepreneurs, and SME to define Business Development, Sales & Marketing Strategies.

Sandeep Sisodiya

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Success Stories

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This is the best course of IT Sales people. Sandeep has made perfect course and perfectly mixed Sales strategy for IT Companies.
Jignesh Kothia
Founder - WebPlanex
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If you are ambitious, target-driven, want to take the business to the next level then plunge into the world of business development course by Sandeep Sir.
Vivek Desai
Founder - Invenza Solutions
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Sandeep is a knowledgeable person when it comes to sales and marketing. His coaching is amazing. If you are into IT business like Web development, digital marketing, app development etc then his sales training is important.
Krunal Shah
Director Web Ratna LLP
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Sandeep's course has practical sessions, networking opportunities, and expert sessions which helped me to improve. The course changed our mindset for sales and getting a good sense of what channel to use for sales.
Hitul Mistry
Founder - Digiqt Technolabs
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Most exciting thing I found within the course is Sandeep's professionalism, innovativeness and approach towards handling the complex topics of Sales and Business development through relative and easier real-life examples.
Chirag Bhavsar
CEO - Coduzion Technologies
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Being a CEO and having only technical knowledge is a failure for our organizations. How Marketing, Sales & Business Development is different - that I came to know after joining this online session.
Jaydeep Patel
CEO – Born Techie Pvt Ltd
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🛑✋✋🛑 Ruko jara, sabar karo.

Yahi nahi, abhi aur dekhiye.
How can I help you ?

I can lead you to success with these 4 simple steps

It all start with just first step

Just like other technical skills, IT sales and business development skills can not be learned from YouTube videos, blogs, or articles.

As it has a process full of dilemmas, It always requires dynamic solutions from the experienced mentor.

I am on the mission to empower our local IT industry to inspire and lead in the world. To reach my goal, I am thriving to provide my core experience with practical solutions to IT professionals.

Ready to start?

Want to know more about my services and how I can help?

All queries are replied within 24hrs.

I will share a complete business development code that I designed with my extensive 8+ years of experience. Use it to identify, nurture, and acquire new clients and business opportunities to drive growth and profitability
It is the heart of any business, and I will help you to keep it healthy with sales force effectiveness consulting services. With my suggested sales strategies and sales processes, you can manage the sales with KPI. With proven tips, master to convert your leads into clients.
In marketing one of the most critical things is defining and reaching the right target audience. With strategy consultants in digital sales and marketing, learn to create an absolute marketing funnel that can help you to target the right market with the ideal marketing strategies.
Hiring the right BD & Sales Executives is a key challenge to the agencies or startup. BDE plays a vital role in the success and growth of the company. Hiring them with incorrect perspectives often leads to failure in company goals. I can help that you could hire the best executives to grow your business.

Learn How to sell yourself or your service

Business Development & Sales Course

Uniquely designed course to prepare astounding business developers for the IT industry. There is a high demand for BDEs in the IT companies, but finding the right BDE is as hard as finding a rare gem. So I have designed a one-month course to fulfill the demand by serving best practices of business development and sales skills.
Business Development & Sales Course - Sandeep Sisodiya - Ahmedabad - Gujarat - India
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